Prism+ Innovates Home Cooling with Elegant and Affordable Refrigeration Line

As a testament to innovation and consumer-centric design, the electronics firm Prism+ has further diversified its product line with the launch of its refrigeration units. Remember the surprise pivot to the Smart Air Conditioner systems last year? The brand’s momentum continues, this time by introducing two chic refrigerator series: the PureFresh and Evershine.

Prism+ has remained true to its mission – offering premium features at prices that are gentle on the wallet. Available for immediate purchase, these refrigerators will also take center stage at the upcoming IT Show 2024 in Suntec City.

Tackling a common household nuisance, Prism+ has addressed the issue of unpleasant fridge odors. Both the PureFresh and Evershine series incorporate a Ceramic and Active Carbon Air Filter to capture and neutralize odors, ensuring the contents of your fridge remain odor-free.

Another hallmark of the Prism+ fridge design is the innovative multi-zone cooling system. By integrating multiple air vents throughout, the refrigerators promise consistent temperatures and longer-lasting freshness for stored food, making it an ally for health-conscious and waste-concerned consumers.

In a nod to aesthetic preferences, the PureFresh models flaunt sleek Inox and Black Inox finishes, catering to the modern kitchen, while the Evershine series brings a touch of luxury with its Black Glass exterior, offering the high-end look without the hefty price tag.

Shoppers seeking a deal will find themselves in luck during the IT Show 2024, with Prism+ offering enticing discounts on their new refrigerators, including a significant reduction in the top-tier Evershine model. Each unit also comes with a reassuring warranty, including an extended 12-year guarantee on the compressor.

Embarking on a market conquest to combine style with smart savings, Prism+ beckons consumers to explore more details online or in person at the IT Show, where they can witness first-hand the fusion of practicality and sophistication.

FAQs on Prism+’s New Refrigerator Lines

1. What is Prism+?
Prism+ is an electronics firm known for its innovative and consumer-centric design in its products.

2. What are the new products Prism+ has launched?
Prism+ has launched two new refrigerator series called PureFresh and Evershine.

3. What sets Prism+ refrigerators apart from others?
These refrigerators come with a Ceramic and Active Carbon Air Filter to eliminate odors and an innovative multi-zone cooling system for consistent temperatures and prolonged freshness of stored food.

4. What are the design features of the PureFresh and Evershine series?
The PureFresh models have sleek Inox and Black Inox finishes, while the Evershine series have a luxurious Black Glass exterior.

5. Will there be any deals or discounts on these new refrigerators?
Yes, Prism+ is offering enticing discounts during the IT Show 2024, including reductions in the price of the top-tier Evershine model.

6. What kind of warranty is Prism+ offering?
Each unit comes with a warranty and an extended 12-year guarantee on the compressor.

7. Where can I learn more details about these Prism+ refrigerators?
Consumers can explore more details online or in person at the IT Show 2024 in Suntec City.

Key Terms and Jargon Definitions

Consumer-centric Design: A design philosophy that places consumer needs and preferences at the center of the product development process.
Inox Finish: A type of finish commonly used on appliances; ‘Inox’ is short for ‘inoxidable’, the French word for stainless, indicating a stainless steel finish.
Multi-zone Cooling System: A refrigeration technology that provides different cooling zones within the fridge for more precise temperature control.
Active Carbon Air Filter: A filtration system using active carbon to remove odors and contaminants from the air inside the fridge.

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