New Era for iOS Users as Alternative App Markets Prepare to Launch

With sweeping regulatory changes taking effect in the European Union, the landscape of app distribution for iPhone and iPad users is poised for a transformation. Pioneering the shift is software company MacPaw, which has announced its initiative to establish Setapp Mobile, a potential game-changer in app subscription services for iOS.

Currently, interested customers across the EU can enlist themselves on a waitlist to gain early access to the Setapp Mobile beta version. While the service’s exact release date and interface remain under wraps, the anticipation reflects the eagerness of users for more options. MacPaw isn’t new to the subscription sphere; their existing service, Setapp, already offers a suite of applications for Mac users but has been tethered to Apple’s App Store for any mobile usage. The new EU legislation, however, is set to break these chains, compelling Apple to allow installations from stores other than its own.

Previously, Epic Games, acclaimed for its popular title Fortnite, declared its intent to premiere its own Apple-friendly app destination. This move came in the wake of the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which aims to dissolve Apple’s long-held monopoly over app distribution on its devices.

The forthcoming iOS 17.4 update is speculated to roll out in the near future and will mark the inception of this new chapter. It’s not only alternative app stores that are on the horizon; this update is anticipated to introduce auxiliary payment methods and browser engine options. Although Apple will still maintain an oversight role in authorizing app store providers and reviewing apps before their release, the move signals a significant shift toward empowering consumers with choice. Direct app installation beyond the confines of a designated market, however, remains unattainable for now.

FAQ Section:

What changes are happening in the EU regarding app distribution for iPhones and iPads?
The European Union is implementing regulatory changes that will allow alternative app stores and additional payment methods for app purchases, easing Apple’s long-held monopoly over app distribution on its devices.

What is Setapp Mobile, and who is behind it?
Setapp Mobile is a new app subscription service for iOS introduced by MacPaw. MacPaw is a software company known for its subscription service Setapp for Mac users.

How can customers access Setapp Mobile?
Customers across the EU can currently join a waitlist for early access to the Setapp Mobile beta version. The exact release date and interface details have not been disclosed yet.

How is MacPaw’s existing service related to the Apple App Store?
MacPaw’s existing service, Setapp, offers a suite of applications for Mac users and has been available through the Apple App Store for mobile usage. The new EU legislation will allow MacPaw to provide services outside of Apple’s ecosystem.

Who else is getting involved in alternative app distributions for Apple devices?
Epic Games has expressed an interest in creating an Apple-friendly app store in response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

What is the iOS 17.4 update, and what will it change?
The iOS 17.4 update is a forthcoming software update for Apple devices that will introduce new features such as alternative app stores, different payment methods, and browser engine options. Despite this, direct app installation without an app market is not yet supported.


EU: European Union, a political and economic union of 27 member states located primarily in Europe.
Setapp: A subscription-based service providing access to a collection of software for Mac users, and now expanding to include an iOS version.
Digital Markets Act: EU legislation intended to promote fair competition and consumer choice, affecting large online platforms and tech companies.
App Store: Apple’s digital distribution platform for mobile apps on iOS.

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