Lexus GX 2024: The Luxurious Midpoint in Off-Road Elegance

Positioning itself strategically between the rugged Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series and the opulent Lexus LX, the 2024 Lexus GX gears up for its Australian debut with a promise of luxury paired with off-road prowess. The upcoming luxury large SUV comes with an introductory price starting at $116,000 excluding on-road costs, with expectations running high for its mid-year release.

The Lexus GX, in its newest iteration, retains a robust character, harnessing power from a twin-turbo 3.4-litre petrol V6 engine across all three variants. Despite the absence of the anticipated hybrid system present in its American cousin – the Toyota Prado, known as the LandCruiser 250 Series – there is hope for its introduction in the Australian models by late 2024.

Three trim levels are offered for the prospective Lexus GX buyer, providing a spectrum of features and comforts. The entry-level GX 550 Luxury, setting the starting price, brings seven seats and a bevy of luxurious amenities. Close on its heels is the GX 550 Overtrail at $122,250, offering a five-seat configuration with advanced off-road equipment, tailored for the adventurous spirit. The pinnacle of this SUV family, the GX 550 Sports Luxury, is at $128,200 and is resplendent with sophisticated enhancements in comfort and technology.

The vehicle’s anticipated popularity is highlighted by its limited availability; with just 1250 units planned for the first year, interest has surged with over a thousand expressions of interest. Lexus Australia’s CEO highlighted the brand’s record-breaking pre-sales interest, adding a testament to the GX’s ideal blend of opulent Lexus craftsmanship and rugged durability suited for the tough Australian terrain.

Constructed on the TNGA-F ladder-frame platform and sharing its underpinnings with Lexus LX, alongside Toyota’s LandCruiser variants, the third-generation Lexus GX will be the first of its kind to cruise Australian roads. It promises high-end specifications even at its base level, which include advanced infotainment systems, plush seating with climate control, and a host of luxury fixtures, ensuring both on-road comfort and off-road capability in classic Lexus style.

FAQ section based on the main topics and information presented in the article:

When will the 2024 Lexus GX be released in Australia?
The 2024 Lexus GX is expected to make its Australian debut in the middle of the year.

What is the starting price of the 2024 Lexus GX in Australia?
The introductory price for the 2024 Lexus GX starts at $116,000, excluding on-road costs.

Will there be a hybrid model of the Lexus GX available in Australia?
While the initial release will not feature a hybrid model, there is hope that a hybrid system might be introduced in the Australian models by late 2024.

How many trim levels are available for the Lexus GX, and what are they?
There are three trim levels available for the Lexus GX: GX 550 Luxury, GX 550 Overtrail, and GX 550 Sports Luxury.

What are the key features of the Lexus GX?
The Lexus GX offers luxury amenities, advanced infotainment systems, climate-controlled plush seating, and off-road capability.

How many units of the Lexus GX will be available in the first year?
Only 1,250 units of the Lexus GX will be available in the first year.

What platform is the Lexus GX constructed on?
The Lexus GX is built on the TNGA-F ladder-frame platform.

How does Lexus Australia’s CEO view the pre-sales interest in the GX?
The CEO of Lexus Australia has highlighted the GX’s ideal blend of luxury and durability, stating that it has generated record-breaking pre-sales interest.

Definitions for key terms or jargon:

Lexus GX: A luxury off-road capable SUV model produced by Lexus.
Twin-turbo 3.4-litre petrol V6 engine: A type of internal combustion engine with six cylinders in a V formation, featuring two turbochargers for increased power and efficiency.
TNGA-F ladder-frame platform: Toyota New Global Architecture-F is a vehicle platform designed by Toyota, mainly for SUVs and trucks, known for its durability and adaptability.
Lexus LX: A full-size luxury SUV sold by Lexus, which is a luxury division of Toyota.
Toyota LandCruiser: A series of four-wheel drive vehicles produced by Toyota, known for their robustness and reliability.
On-road costs: Additional costs associated with purchasing a new vehicle, including registration, taxes, and insurance.

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