Fortnite Unveils Mythical Chapter with a Divine Touch in New Season

Immerse yourself in the realm of deities with the latest season of Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5, Season 2. This new epic saga introduces players to the celestial battlefield of ‘Olympus,’ a place under the fearsome rule of gods such as Hades and Zeus who demonstrate their divine wrath upon the island with omnipotent fervor.

As the island transforms into a landscape of legend, the game offers adventurers several mythical locations to explore. Scale the heights of Mount Olympus to gaze upon the Zeus Monument, test your mettle at the Brawler Battle Ground against Ares, challenge the three-headed guardian Cerberus at Grim Gate, or dare to descend into Hades’ domain, the Underworld.

Empower your gameplay with the might of the gods by harnessing mythical abilities. Seize the “Thunderbolt of Zeus” to leap into the skies and strike down foes with powerful lightning bolts, readily available throughout the island or by defeating Zeus himself. Soar with “Icarus’ Wings,” mastering the aerial battlefield with swift diving attacks, but beware of the wings’ incendiary limit. The island also awaits with anticipation for the introduction of “The Chains of Hades” in the later part of the season.

New mythological weapons join the arsenal, including Ares’ favored “Warforged Assault Rifle” and Hades’ “Harbinger Submachine Gun.” Secure these formidable weapons across the island, with Mythic versions obtainable only by conquering their divine bearers. Aim from a distance with Artemis’ “Huntress DMR,” and claim the Mythic version by defeating Zeus, while the Cerberus’ “Gatekeeper Shotgun” issues a mighty triple-shot, turning even more lethal upon defeating its namesake beast.

Furthermore, the “Myths and Mortals” Battle Pass turns the stuff of legends into a tangible reality. Gain experience across various platforms, including creator-made islands and ‘Rocket Racing,’ to unlock exclusive Fortnite rewards. Purchase the pass to access the regalia of Olympus itself, donning skins of Cerberus, Medusa, Hades, and many more, with the avatar ‘Cora’ also making an appearance mid-season. Dive into this mythical chapter until May 24, 2024, and join the historical showdown that Fortnite has innovatively crafted.

Keep up with the freshest updates by visiting Fortnite’s blog or following @FortniteGame on official channels. Starting March 9th, new LEGO kits also hit the shop—check the blog for details and let the legendary combat begin!

FAQ Section

What is the theme of Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5, Season 2?
The theme of this season is focused on the realm of deities, with the game taking place on the celestial battlefield of ‘Olympus’ under the rule of gods like Hades and Zeus.

Can you describe some new locations in the game?
Players can explore new mythical locations such as Mount Olympus, the Brawler Battle Ground, Grim Gate, and Hades’ domain, the Underworld.

What new abilities are available this season?
Players can harness mythical abilities like the “Thunderbolt of Zeus” for powerful aerial attacks and “Icarus’ Wings” for swift diving maneuvers. “The Chains of Hades” ability will be introduced later in the season.

Are there new weapons in the game?
Yes, new mythological weapons include the “Warforged Assault Rifle”, “Harbinger Submachine Gun”, “Huntress DMR”, and the “Gatekeeper Shotgun” with Mythic versions available after defeating divine bearers or creatures.

What is the “Myths and Mortals” Battle Pass?
The Battle Pass allows players to gain experience and unlock exclusive rewards, such as skins of mythical figures, across various platforms like creator-made islands and ‘Rocket Racing’. The avatar ‘Cora’ will also appear mid-season.

How long will this season last?
The season will continue until May 24, 2024.

Where can I find updates and news about Fortnite?
Updates can be found on Fortnite’s blog and by following @FortniteGame on official channels.

Are there any new merchandise or tie-in products related to the season?
Yes, starting March 9th, new LEGO kits connected to Fortnite will be available, with details posted on the Fortnite blog.

Key Terms & Jargon Definitions:
Olympus: A new location in the game, themed after the legendary home of the Greek gods.
Mythical abilities: Special powers inspired by mythological tales, such as the “Thunderbolt of Zeus.”
Mythic versions: The most formidable version of in-game weapons, often tied to defeating a significant character or challenge.
Battle Pass: A purchasable item that provides access to exclusive content and rewards as you play the game.
DMR: Designated Marksman Rifle, a weapon type ideal for long-range combat.
Celestial: Pertaining to the heavens or the sky, especially when relating to deities.

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