Festive Flavors and Free Pizza at Local Bar

As spring unveils its vibrant colors, The Liberty Bar is embracing the festive spirit synonymous with St Patrick’s Day by offering a savory treat to its patrons. In a unique initiative designed to lift spirits and honor the holiday, the bar will present free slices of pizza to patrons who flock in for after-work libations on Friday. This delightful offering pairs perfectly with the establishment’s signature complimentary treat board, which has garnered attention and is nearing a patent seal.

The atmosphere at The Liberty Bar is set to be especially convivial as visitors unwind from the week’s demands. Manager Alexander Gannon has shared his enthusiasm for the weekend’s event, expressing his team’s desire to provide a special experience for guests. This feeling of community and hospitality is captured among the friendly surroundings where colleagues and friends are invited to gather, indulge in delicious pizza, and sip on chilled beverages.

The bustling scene is expected to commence from 3pm, with fragrant, oven-baked pizzas making their way out at 4pm. To further entice the taste buds, The Liberty Bar will also introduce patrons to its novel cocktail collection. A standout choice includes the “Umami Mami,” which melds exotic flavors like yuzu-infused Cointreau and lemon juice tinged with wakame seaweed. With its harmonious blend of eastern essences and a creative vegan twist, this cocktail promises a sensational complement to the evening’s offerings.

FAQ about The Liberty Bar’s St Patrick’s Day Event

What special is The Liberty Bar offering for St Patrick’s Day?
The Liberty Bar is celebrating St Patrick’s Day by offering free slices of pizza to patrons on Friday evening. Alongside the pizza, guests can enjoy the bar’s signature complimentary treat board.

When will the event at The Liberty Bar start?
The festive event starts at 3pm with pizza being served at 4pm.

What is unique about The Liberty Bar’s latest cocktail collection?
The Liberty Bar’s new cocktail collection features innovative drinks such as the “Umami Mami,” which combines unusual eastern flavors including yuzu-infused Cointreau and lemon juice with wakame seaweed, adding a creative vegan twist.

What is the goal of this event according to the Manager, Alexander Gannon?
Alexander Gannon aims to provide a special experience for guests, fostering a feeling of community and hospitality at The Liberty Bar.

Is the complimentary treat board at Liberty Bar patented?
The treat board is popular and is nearing a patent seal, indicating its uniqueness and potential intellectual property recognition.

What atmosphere can visitors expect at The Liberty Bar’s St Patrick’s Day event?
Visitors can expect a convivial and friendly atmosphere where people can relax, enjoy food and drinks, and socialize in a welcoming environment.


Convivial: Friendly, lively, and enjoyable.
Libations: Drinks, often alcoholic, that are usually enjoyed in a social setting.
Complimentary: Offered for free or at no cost.
Umami: One of the five basic tastes, often described as savory or meaty.
Yuzu: A citrus fruit from East Asia with a tart flavor, similar to grapefruit with mandarin orange overtones.
Wakame seaweed: An edible seaweed common in Japanese cuisine.

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