Celebrating Six Years of Innovation in Beauty Treatment: Lucia Clinic’s Unique Collaboration

Marking the sixth anniversary of its inception, Lucia Clinic, a distinguished network of dermatology clinics under the Lucia Medical Group, has recently unveiled an unconventional campaign in collaboration with the highly-followed creator “Ikuton.” As of March 2024, Lucia Clinic has expanded its presence to 15 locations nationwide, steadily rising as a beacon of cosmetic skin care.

In an effort to present its medical hair removal technique, known as “thermal destruction style,” to a broader audience, the clinic orchestrated a special collaboration with Ikuton, a creator who has resonated with the masses through relatable and comedic content across YouTube and TikTok, accumulating over 1.3 million followers. This partnership merges Ikuton’s viral humor with Lucia Clinic’s mascot character “Lucia Deer” in an engaging new web commercial that humorously dramatizes the concept of hair follicles realizing they are being targeted for removal.

Thermal destruction style hair removal is a high-powered laser technique designed to obliterate hair-producing cells like the papilla and matrix, achieving lasting results by targeting the melanin in hair.

Maintaining their philosophy of providing honestly excellent services at fair prices, Lucia Clinic not only celebrates this milestone but also reaffirms its commitment to solving unwanted hair woes for women. Their cutting-edge medical laser devices, which include the GentleMax Pro Plus, GentleMax Pro, and GentleLase Pro, are the foundation of this effective treatment approach.

In tandem with the humorous web commercial release, Lucia Clinic has also introduced a set of original LINE stickers featuring the charming Lucia Deer, ready to express a wide range of emotions and enrich everyday digital conversations.

As the Lucia Clinic continues to uphold its corporate slogan, “Unadorned beauty, now and forever,” it cements its role as a personal companion in the realm of aesthetic care, devotedly serving the beauty needs of each individual with high-quality medical services and expertise.

FAQ Section for Lucia Clinic’s Sixth Anniversary Campaign

1. What is Lucia Clinic and what does it specialize in?
Lucia Clinic is part of Lucia Medical Group, a network of dermatology clinics specializing in cosmetic skin care. It focuses on providing treatments for unwanted hair among other aesthetic services.

2. What is the “thermal destruction style” hair removal?
Thermal destruction style hair removal is a technique which uses high-powered lasers to destroy hair-producing cells such as the papilla and matrix by targeting the melanin in hair, providing lasting hair removal results.

3. Who did Lucia Clinic collaborate with for their new campaign?
Lucia Clinic collaborated with “Ikuton,” a popular content creator known for relatable and comedic content on YouTube and TikTok, to produce a humorous web commercial.

4. How does Lucia Clinic maintain its customer service philosophy?
Lucia Clinic is committed to honestly excellent services at fair prices, and continuing to innovate with cutting-edge medical laser devices such as the GentleMax Pro Plus, GentleMax Pro, and GentleLase Pro.

5. What new promotional materials has Lucia Clinic introduced?
Lucia Clinic has launched a series of original LINE stickers featuring “Lucia Deer,” their mascot character, to engage with customers on digital platforms.

Definitions of Key Terms

Laser Hair Removal: A medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair.
Melanin: The pigment in hair follicles that the laser targets during hair removal procedures.
Papilla: The part of the hair follicle that contains blood vessels to nourish the cells that produce hair.
Matrix: The environment or area where the hair shaft is created within the hair follicle.
GentleMax Pro Plus, GentleMax Pro, and GentleLase Pro: High-end medical laser devices used for various dermatological treatments including hair removal.

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